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What we offer

Close your work cycle when you build your own distillery. In this case you can serve farmers who don’t have.


After the first meeting with a client we try to understand what are his need and with what real conditions for build a distillery he have. We are one of the few companies that offer a different size of the processing bins. (form 0.5 cm3 to 5 m3) HT LTD offer to their clients a 72h testing and personal training.


Distillation vessel mounted on a mobile platform. It allows transporting the distillation vessel to the place of unloading the raw material as well as transportation of the vessel to place for loading it with fresh raw.

Double circuit capacitor – (DUOCOOL® ) – Allows trouble free condensation and keeping the needed temperature of the condensation without the any hesitation about the setpoint.

Florentine vessel (CONTIFLO®) – with constant oil leakage. Construction allow splitting the water from oil at maximum level The separated oil is constantly removed from the vessel, reducing to a minimum its solubility in water. No further cohabitation is required.

Turntable distillation vessel – allows the loading of the distillation line as soon as the completion of the distillation, minimizing refilling time. The number of distillation cycles increased during the working day